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Garage Parking

For Outpatients:

There is a visitor parking garage located at 115 Fort Washington Avenue between 164th and 165th Streets.

For In-patients:

A prepaid debit card can be purchased from the Parking Coordinators Office, located on the Entry Level of the Fort Washington Parking Garage between 164th and 165th Streets or the cashiers window in Milstein Hospital. If you have any questions, please call (212) 305-4903.
In order to receive any discounted rates, a letter from the doctor’s office or social worker verifying date of admission and expected length of stay is required. On the date of discharge, parking fees are waived for the patient with validated discharge papers. Discount passes are also available.

Valet Service

Valet parking is available at the main entrance of the Milstein Hospital Building on Fort Washington Avenue, just north of W. 165th Street.

Valet Hours:
Monday-Friday: 5:00 am-10:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday, and holidays: 7:00 am-10:00 pm.

If you anticipate picking up your car after the valet is closed, please park in the visitor parking garage at 115 Fort Washington Avenue. The garage is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Frequently Asked Questions

My family member is admitted, how can I purchase a discount pass?
Admitted patients whose medical conditions require 5 visits or more are entitled to discounted parking. To qualify, please request a letter from either your Doctor, Nurse or Social Worker and present it to the Cashier or the Parking Office. The discount card’s rate is $19 per visit plus $5 activation fee. Patients may also qualify for a 5-visit prepaid card (Debit Card) at a rate of $18 per visit. Refund details and comparison table are on the other side of this document.
Will the card be issued before the patient has been admitted?
The card is issued on the day the patient is admitted.
Where and when the card is valid?
The card is valid at Milstein and Children’s Hospital valet as well as the South Property garage located between 165th and 164th Street on Fort Washington Avenue. The card is valid at all times.
Can I use my Discount Card to pay for 2 cars that used the garage at the same time?
No, the card is designed to deny the discounted rate if 2 cars used the garage at the same time. In order for the discount to be applied to 2 cars, the first car must exit before the second enters the garage.
Is my discount pass transferable?
No, discount cards are intended to be used by the patient or the family member to whom the card was issued. Please contact the Parking Office if there is a need to change the information on the card.
How do I use the card?
Each card holder must either take a ticket before entering the garage or receive a ticket from the valet manager. Upon exit, present the discount card along with the ticket to the cashier to receive the discount.
How long is the Discount Card valid?
A Discount Card is valid for three weeks from its activation date. The expiration date can be extended upon request.
Who can I contact for help or questions?
For help and questions, please contact the Parking Office at (212) 305-4903 or the Parking Manager’s Office at (212) 305-2718. Both offices are located at 115 Fort Washington Ave. between 165th and 164th Street.
What are the Parking Office and the Parking Manager’s Office hours?
The Parking Office hours are Monday through Friday 8A to 5PM. The Manager’s Parking Office is open 24 hours 7 days a week.
Is complimentary parking available for admitted patients?
Upon discharge, patients are entitled to 24 hours free parking if the discharge form date is at least one day past the admittance date. The 24 hours complimentary parking can be combined with other discounts, including but not limited to the above mentioned Discount Card.
Are there any other discounts available?
All other discount vouchers are issued by the Hospital’s departments. If the patient is expected to be admitted for more than 10 days, please contact the Parking Office for assistance.

Compare — Prepaid (Debit) Card Vs. Discount Card

Questions Discount Card Prepaid (Debit) Card
How much does it cost per visit? $19 up to 24 hours. Rate repeat after 24 hours. $18 up to 24 hours. Rate repeat after 24 hours.
How much do I have to pay in advance (not including activations fee)? $0 $90
How many visits does the initial advance payment of $90 cover? Not applicable. Pay upon exit. Five 24-hours visits.
Where can I apply for the card Parking Office, Milstein or Children’s Hospital Cashiers’ booths. Parking Office, Milstein or Children’s Hospital Cashiers’ booths.
Where are the cards valid? South Property garage (165th and Fort Washington), Milstein Hospital Valet and Children's Hospital Valet. South Property garage (165th and Fort Washington), Milstein Hospital Valet and Children's Hospital Valet.
What are the pros and cons of each card type?  No advance payment.
 Pay only when you park
 Suited for short or long term use. It is also convenient for infrequent use.
 Refunds are not applicable.
 Requires $5 non-refundable activation fee.
 $90 advance payment plus non-refundable $5 activation fee.
 $18 is debited after each use.
 Balances are refunded upon request.
 Best suited for families or groups where one person prepays for the group’s or family’s members (ask parking office for details).