Enrolling in a Clinical Trial

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There are specific criteria, called inclusion criteria, used to determine your eligibility to participate in a clinical trial. These criteria may include factors such as age, medical history, or current medical condition. Once it is determined that you are eligible to enroll in a clinical trial, you will spend time with one of our research coordinators to go over important information associated with study participation. This information includes:

  • An explanation for the purpose of the clinical trial
  • The expected duration of participation
  • Study-related procedures and follow-up requirements
  • Risks and benefits of study participation
  • Alternative treatments

Once you have had the opportunity to review the information and have all of your questions answered, you will be asked to provide informed consent by signing a consent form. Participation in a clinical trial is always voluntary and you are able to withdraw from participating. Some common reasons patients’ site for participating in a clinical trial includes:

  • Access to innovative treatments and state-of-the-art care before they are widely available
  • Playing a more active role in one’s own health care
  • Receiving regular and consistent medical care during the course of study participation
  • Helping others by contributing to advancements in medical research